Case Study #1

Continuity is Key to Success

For a company operating in a real-time environment, heavily dependent on its own precise scheduling, downtime can be fatal - business continuity is everything.

Case Study #2

SCOR Process Framework Helps Rescue SAP ERP System Upgrade

The upgrade of seven business units to SAP ECC 6.0 leverages SCOR models to define business process requirements and map out an effective implementation plan.

Case Study #3

Trusted Advisor

Clients turn to Concentric3 as objective, trusted advisors to plan, implement, and run large-scale IT projects.

IT consultants typically talk abut the same things – ERP, SAP, Disaster Recovery, Peoplesoft, Data Centers, and the like. At Concentric3, we can talk about those things, too. We’ve got hands-on experience in all of them, and have the expertise to undertake any project of any scope and deliver the outcomes you want.

But there’s something you won’t hear many consultants talk about, and it’s what sets Concentric3 apart:

We can transform your technology operation into a world-class IT function.

We redirect your focus from technology to business processes and align your IT and organizational objectives. Instead of talking everybody else’s technology talk, we walk a high-level walk, developing plans, processes, and strategies based on eight business-critical characteristics that define high-performing IT organizations:

  • IT Governance - strategy and planning, portfolio management
  • Performance Measurement and Validation - value demonstration, accountability
  • Business Continuity - risk management, data security, disaster recovery, business continuity strategy
  • Infrastructure Delivery and Management - ensuring application systems are operational and available
  • Applications Delivery and Management - managing and executing projects to meet budget, timeframe, and business goals
  • Vendor Management - selecting, evaluating, and overseeing vendors
  • Talent Management - providing IT staff with critical technical and business skills
  • Business Enablement - IT-facilitated sharing and collaboration among staff, enhancing business processes through automation

By looking at these business concerns first – and concentrating on technology from that perspective – we can effectively assess your current IT capabilities, create and execute a strategy that achieves your near- and long-term business goals, and validate the results. Transforming technology problems into business assets.®

So we don’t sell you the same solution that just about every technology company in the industry sells. We actually solve the problem. And we do it not by talking like an IT consultant. We do it by thinking like a business.